Grand Foudre 2018


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Merlot, vinified and aged in an oak vat for 2 years


A much-awaited comeback for the most famous cuvée of Val d’Iris. The Grand Foudre is born out of a meticulous selection, both in the parcel and at the vat’s threshold.
The wine is fermented and aged in a tank made out of a Sessile Oak. This tree is known for the fineness of its grain and it grows in the Allier forest, one of the most noble and high-quality seedling forest in the world.

Rich flavors, black berries and spice aromas. Slight herbal notes exalting freshness. Delicate touch, suave and persistent taste.

Gold medal at the Concours des Vignerons Indépendants 2020

To drink with

Will pair marvelously with a Coutancie prime rib, brown butter and sautéed ceps flambé in Armagnac.

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