Anne Silberzahn

The Boss

As a veterinarian, she reverted to viticulture in 1999 after she obtained a degree in oenology in Alsace.

Passion: Plants? Animals? It doesn’t matter, but it has to live!

Distinctive Signs: A glass of wine for lunch and dinner!

Ludovic Vilcoq

Administrative and commercial Management

5 years in catering, Wine Waiting specialty. Passionate about wine, he crosses the step in 2014, is oriented towards viticulture and oenology and chooses the Val d’Iris for his first weapons.

Ideal: A world where earthworms and ladybugs would be respected.

Distinctive Signs: Sleeps little not to waste time.

Thomas Comito

Versatile Salesperson

With a long experience in restoration, he joined the team in 2015 for the sale at the vault, then his contribution extends to the work of cellar and vineyards.

Passion: Martial Arts, and dogs

Distinctive Signs: A bright smile, and a great perseverance